Cypriot Hospitality

Expect to be greated with more than just a friendly smile and a "Yah sou".


Cypriots have a warm and loving nature guaranteed to impress you every time you visit Cyprus. We will do our best to help you, no matter what kind of situation you may be in. Most of the population speaks English, even if at times it’s a little broken.

Moustache Man

In shops, taverns, cafes and bars the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. So, when approached by a Cypriot, do not hesitate to accept a warm welcoming handshake! Cypriots are hospitable people living in a tiny paradise where human virtues like warmth, integrity and friendship are still a way of life.

Choose from a vast selection of Hotels, Villas and Holiday Getaways in the mountains adapted to suit your needs and budget.

Luxury Hotel

Lounging in the lap of luxury at a five-star hotel on the beach with every amenity, including world class health centres and spas.

Hotel Apartment

A hotel apartment, villa with pool for independent flexibility.

Hotel in a village

A quiet hideaway in the hills in a simple family-run establishment for a back-to-nature experience.