Great Diving

Cyprus is popular for its crystal clear waters especially when the temperature of the water remains pleasantly above 25 degrees celsius during the summer period. With these temperatures don’t be surprised to find yourself swimming or even diving during the winter periods.

The clarity of the sea is excellent and in turn allows an excellent diving experience.

The visibility of the water at 30 meters below sea level is very good. On most occasions the sea is calm allowing people of all ages to truly enjoy a memorable diving experience.

Great Diving

Zenobia Wreck

The Zenobia Wreck is in the top ten places to visit worldwide when it comes down to diving. It is truly a magnificent sight and is visited by people all over the world mainly because of its location and its history.

Location: Located a short distance from the shore of the Town of Larnaca in Cyprus.

History: Zenobia was an 11,000 Ton Swedish Ferry which was built to increase traffic on the Greece-Syria express line. Unfortunately, it sunk on its maiden voyage in June 1980, just 1.5 km off the Larnaca coast. Zenobia took with it an entire cargo full of 100 trucks down to the seabed. This site is now used mainly as a destination for divers and Tourists who are visiting Cyprus.

Interesting Fact: Zenobia was 172 meters in length which is larger than the average football stadium.

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Other Popular Diving Spots

White Star

White Star (Pafos)

A Russian fishing boat which became later an excursion boat on Cyprus. The vessel hit a shelf in February of 2007 and sank only a few miles out of Pafos.


Manidjin Isle (Pafos)

Also known as Nisi Geronisos and is opposite the St George fishing harbor. It is reachable both by land and sea. Prepare yourselves for a unique diving experience including vertical cliffs, large holes spread out across shallow planes and tunnels in areas that would surprise any diver.


St George Island (Pafos)

The island of Agios Georgios lies east of the Akamas peninsula and hosts a reserve for birds and maritime life. Opposite the island there is shallow diving spot, littered with colorful overhangs, cavernous archways and canyons.

Cape Greco

The Chapel (Ayia Napa)

A small picturesque chapel at Cape Greco (Ayia Napa – Protara) which is just as popular as the other diving destinations because of the rocky coastline and beautifully coloured fish.