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Nicosia useful information
Useful Telephone Numbers
First Aid / Police / Fire Station 112
Hospital +357 22 603 000.
Pharmacies 90901402
Information(Directory enqueries) 11892
Post Office +357 22 805 802
Tourist Information Office +357 22 674 264
Town Hall +357 22 797 000
Lost Property (Police) +357 22 802 020
Airport 77778833
Exact Time 90901893
Foreign Countries/ Town Codes-Charges & Time difference 11894
Complaints for International Calls 11894
Overseas Calls 80000198
Banking Hours
May - September
Monday - Friday: 08:15 am - 1:30 pm
October - April
Monday: 08:30 am – 1.30 pm & 15:15 pm – 16:45 pm
Tuesday – Friday: 08:30 am – 1.30 pm
banking in Nicosia
Shopping Hours (Markets open at 9:00 am and close as below.)
Some companies still remain open on Sundays. Some shops close at 23:00 pm, mostly souvenir shops. Summer break time: from 15/6 – 31/8 is 14:00 – 17:00.
April - October November - March
Monday 20:00 19:30
Tuesday 20:00 19:30
Wednesday 15:00 15:00
Thursday 20:00 19:30
Friday 20:00 19:30
Saturday 19:30 19:30
Sunday Closed Closed
Nicosia's highway system
Distance from Nicosia
Larnaca 51km
Troodos 77km
Limassol 87km
Ayia Napa / Protaras 88km
Paphos 164km

Post Offices

  • Nicosia District post office

    100 Prodromou, Strovolos, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 805 802.

    7:30–17:30 (Monday–Friday)

  • Lykavitos post office

    72 Digeni Akrita Avenue, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 304 956.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • agioi omologites post office

    55 Demetriou Severi Avenue, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 302 319.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • agiou dometiou egkomis post office

    4 Neas Eggomis, Egkomi, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 305 424.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • aglantzias post office

    16 Georgiou Griva Digeni, Aglantzia, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 331 011.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • akropolis post office

    1 Ippokratous, Akropoli, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 305 057.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • faneromenis post office

    58 Lidras, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 302 653.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • kakopetrias post office

    3 Panagioti Toumazou, Kakopetria, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 922 422.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • lakatamias post office

    256 Arch.Makariou III Av., Lakatamia, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 380 010

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • latsia post office

    20 Eleftheriou Venizelou, Latsia, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 305 799.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • dali post office

    56D-E Chalkanoros, Dali, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 521 047.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • pallouriwtisa's post office

    63 Agiou Andreou, Pallouriotissa, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 305 371.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • pedieos post office

    10 Louki Akrita Avenue, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 303 831.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • hilton area post office

    3 Chalkokondyli, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 304 868.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • eleftheria's aquare post office

    Konstantinou Palaiologou Av., Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 872 450.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • strovolos post office

    106 Strovolou Avenue, Strovolos, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 305 004.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

  • tseri's post office

    22 Arch. Makariou III, Tseri, Nicosia

    Tel.: +357 22 373 961.

    8:00–15:00 (Monday–Friday)

Bus Service

Nicosia's Urban Bus Services

Company Name: OSEL buses.

Bus Service is available every 40 minutes.

Tel: 7777 77 55.

For more information visit the links below:

Zinonas Buses

Nicosia's Long Distance Bus Services

Company Name: Intercity Buses.

Bus Service is available throughout the day based on the timetables below.

Tel: 8000 77 89

For more information see below:

Intercity Buses
nicosia to larnaca intercity bus routes

Below are all the stops from start to finish:

Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square

Nicosia, Archbishop Makariou C' Avenue

Nicosia General Hospital

Larnaca, Agios Georgios Church

Larnaca, Agias Elenis Old Hospital

Larnaca Finikoudes

Nicosia - Larnaca

Starting from: Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square.

Ends at: Larnaca (Finikoudes).

nicosia to larnaca intercity bus routes
nicosia to larnaca airport intercity bus routes

Below are all the stops from start to finish:

Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square

Nicosia, Archbishop Makariou C' Avenue

Nicosia General Hospital

Larnaca, Agios Georgios Church

Larnaca, Agias Elenis Old Hospital

Larnaca Finikoudes

Nicosia - Larnaca Airport

Starting from: Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square.

Ends at: Larnaca Airport.

nicosia to larnaca airport intercity bus routes
nicosia to paphos intercity bus routes

Below are all the stops from start to finish:

Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square

Nicosia, Archbishop Makariou C' Avenue

Nicosia General Hospital

Paphos, Dodekanisou – Dimokratias crossroads

Paphos, Debenhams

Paphos Karavella Bus Stop

Nicosia - Paphos

Starting from: Nicosia(Dionisiou Solomou Square)

Passes through: Nicosia General Hospital

Ends at: Paphos (Karavella bus stop).

nicosia to paphos intercity bus routes
nicosia to limassol intercity bus routes

Below are all the stops from start to finish:

Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou square

Nicosia, Archiepiscopou Makariou C 1 Avenue

Nicosia, General Hospital

Larnaca, Kofinou, Chirokitia

Limassol, Pareklisia, Saint Raphael Hotel

Limassol, Spirou Araouzou Old Harbour

Limassol, New Harbour

Nicosia - Limassol

Starting from: Nicosia (Dionisiou Solomou Square).

Ends at: Limassol (New harbour bus stop).

nicosia to limassol intercity bus routes
nicosia to agia napa intercity bus routes

Below are all the stops from start to finish:

Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square

Nicosia, Archbishop Makariou C' Avenue

Nicosia General Hospital

Agia Napa, Agias Theklas 3 (Waterpark)

Agia Napa, Paliatso Fun Fair Parking

Agia Napa, Marina Hotel

Paralimni, Saint George - Central Station

Nicosia - Agia Napa - Paralimni

Starting from: Nicosia, Dionisiou Solomou Square.

Passes from: Agia Napa

Ends at: Paralimni (Saint George - Central Station).

nicosia to agia napa intercity bus routes

Nicosia is the capital and largest city of Cyprus situated in the centre of the island. Nicosia is currently the only divided capital city in the world, with the southern (Greek) and northern (Turkish) portions divided by the "Green Line". In antiquity and in early Christian times it was known as Ledra.

nicosia history
nicosia history


BC (Before Christ)

30th century BC: The first settlement was found, where the capital city of Nicosia is today.

1050 BC: Ledra(Nicosia) city was originally established.

672 BC: The kingdom of Ledra was destroyed by Assyrians. Onasagoras became the most popular king of Ledra.

280 BC: Ledra was renamed Lefkothea, after the son of the Egyptian king Ptolemy (Lefkona).

nicosia history

AD (Anno Domini /Medieval Latin Language – The year of our Lord)

330 AD: Nicosia came under the control of the Byzantines.

965 AD: Cyprus rejoined the Byzantine Empire. Salamis was the capital.

1192 AD: Under the Frankish occupation, Nicosia became the new capital town of the island. The Lusignans(French Royal Family) built an important number of monuments, such as churches, monasteries, palaces etc.

1374 AD: Nicosia was occupied and ravaged by the Genoans and then from Mamaluks(Egyptians).

1489 AD: Cyprus came under Venetian rule, Nicosia became their administrative center and the seat of the Republic of Venice.

1567 AD: The Venetians built the fortification with the eleven bastions to protect the inhabitants from imminent Ottoman attack.

1570 AD: Nicosia managed to last 40 days under siege until its fall on 9 September.

1878 AD: After Ottomans occupation, Nicosia's administration changed hands and passed to the British possession.

1960 AD: Nicosia became the capital of the Republic of Cyprus.


1974 AD: Nicosia divided by the Turkish invasion

nicosia history

Laiki Geitonia

[Must See]

Traditional Pedestrian Quarter of Nicosia

Laiki geitonia is the most wonderful and charming site of the old city. Traditional houses, shops, restaurants and galleries have all been restored showing the Cypriot architecture of a more graceful age.

Location: East of Plateia Eleutherias | Nicosia Town.

laiki geitonia nicosia

Faneromeni Church

[Must See]

Faneromeni Church dominates the centre of the square and was built in 1872 on the site of an ancient Orthodox nunnery.

The Marble Mausoleum on the eastern side of Faneromeni Church is situated on the front of the building and was built in memory of four clerics executed by the Ottoman governor in 1821, following the Cypriot revolt due to the newly declared Greek war of Independence. The square is surrounded by several neoclassical buildings featuring predominantly Greek, as well as, local Cypriot architectural influences. These include the Faneromeni Library.

Today the square is a meeting point for the anarchist movement of Cyprus, anti-authoritarians, libertarians, many artists and musicians. It is also a stronghold of the antifascist movement on the island

Address: Onasagorou street | Nicosia Town.

faneromenis church nicosia

The Cyprus Museum (Archaeological museum)

[Must See]

The Cyprus Museum (Archaeological) in Nicosia is the largest archaeological museum in Cyprus. Work on the building commenced in 1908 and was complete in 1924, when Cyprus was still a British colony.

A visit through the collections of the museum provides an opportunity to experience the development of the Cypriot civilization, from the Neolithic age to the early Byzantine period (7th century AD).

Address: Mouseiou 1 | Nicosia Town

Tel.: +357 22 865 854.

The Cyprus Museum (Archaeological museum)

Leventis Municipal Museum

[Must See]

From ancient times to today’s capital, this historical museum of Nicosia includes findings dating back to 2000 BC all the way up to this present day. Founded in 1984, it is named after its donor, the Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, which bought and restored the building. Periodical exhibitions are held in the Museum. There is a gift shop which sells books, replicas and other unique gifts.

Address: Ippokratous 17, Laiki geitonia | Nicosia Town

Tel: +357 22 661475.

Leventis Municipal Museum

Famagusta Gate

Venetian walls encircle the old city having a circumference of 4,5 km and possesses eleven heart-shaped bastions. There are only three gates in the North, South and East.

Famagusta Gate is one of the three gates, which is now the Nicosia Municipal Cultural Centre. The Vaulted passage and two side rooms are used for exhibitions, conference, lectures and various performances, with passages leading to the moat. One of the most typical quarters of the town close to Famagusta Gate is also being rehabilitated.

Address: Leoforos Athinon | Nicosia Town

Tel: +357 22 79 7650

Famagusta Gate

Archbishopric (Palace)

The new Archbishopric, the seat of Cyprus Orthodox Church, was built in 1960 in a neo-byzantine style. The Old Archbishopric was built in 1730 and stands alongside it. Its ground floor houses the Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus.

Address: Nicosia Town

Archbishopric (Palace)

St. Johns Cathedral

Agios Ioannis Cathedral in Nicosia within the old city walls is built on the site of the 14th century chapel of the Benedictine Abbey of Agios Ioannis (the Evangelist of Bibi). Archbishop Nikiforos rebuilt the monastery chapel from its foundations in 1662.

In the 18th century wall paintings depict scenes from the Bible and the incidents related to the discovery of the tomb of Saint Barnabas at Salamis.

Location: Plateia Arch. Kyprianou | Nicosia Town.

St. Johns Cathedral

Nicosia Municipal Art Center

The Nicosia Municipal Art Centre was opened in January 1994. It is situated near the Old Electric House buildings and generously donated to the Nicosia Municipality by the Cyprus Electricity Authority.

It has a large exhibition area where it houses rare and specialist publications for art lovers. The restoration of the building was given the “Europa Nostra” award in 1994.

Location: Apostolou Varnava 19 | Nicosia Town.

Tel.: +357 22 797 400.

Nicosia Municipal Art Center

Panagia Asinou Church

The famous Byzantine church of Asinou, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has some of the finest examples of Byzantine wall paintings on the island. Asinou comes from the Greek Asine, which is an ancient city founded by immigrants from the Greek city Argolis in the 11th century BC.

The church dates to the early 12th century and the murals inside date from the 12th to the 17th century.

Location: Nikitari | Troodos, Nicosia District.

Tel.: +357 22 852 922.

Panagia Asinou Church

Sanctuary of Aphrodite - Tamasos

Ancient writers make ample reference to the cult of Aphrodite in the city of Tamassos. The sanctuary of the goddess is also confirmed archaeologically on site where an altar made of rough limestone, as well as various votive vessels, incense burners and lamps have been unearthed.

The sanctuaries of goddesses were destroyed during the Persian Revolt (499/8 BC). A second reconstruction, at the beginning of the Hellenistic period (end of 4th century BC), completely changed the architectural character, at least of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Location: Politiko | Nicosia.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite - Tamasos

Church of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion

The church probably built in the 9th or 10th century, is an outstanding example of Cypriot Byzantine architecture and is dedicated to Saints Barnabas and Hilarion.

Location: Nicosia District | Peristerona Village - Troodos road.

Church of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion

Machairas Monastery

Machairas monastery was founded by two monks in 1148, when a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary was found in a nearby cave. It is one of the oldest and most important monasteries in Cyprus. Near the monastery lies the hide-out of Grigoris Afxendiou, hero of the 1955-59 Liberation Struggle. The vestry of Machairas has been restored and set up thanks to a donation by the A.G.Leventis foundation. It consists of the original monks cells, as well as restored stables and storehouses.

Location: Nicosia District | 40km south of Nicosia, through the village of Deftera.

Machairas Monastery
Click below to view each section individually.

Macheras National Forest Park

Macheras National Forest Park is situated in the center of the island, on the eastern end of the Troodos range. The Park has a great historical, ecological, hydrological and recreational value.

More than 600 plant species have been recorded in the Park, of which 27 are endemic. It offers many recreational facilities, there are 3 picnic areas with tables, drinking water, parking places, toilets and childrens’ playgrounds. There are also many natural trails and cycling routes.

Location: Nicosia (Macheras), Cyprus.

Macheras National Forest Park

National Forest Park of the Pedagogical Academy

The Park is located between Aglantzia’s Municipality and the city of Nicosia while it is only 2 kilometers away from the city center. Its overall extent is 45 hectares. It includes an excursion area, a pedestrian area, a bicycle area, a playground, a kiosk, and a parking area.

Location: Nicosia (Aglantzia), Cyprus.

National Forest Park of the Pedagogical Academy

National Forest Park of Athalassa

National Forest Park of Athalassa is located in the north area of Nicosia and surrounded by the suburban areas of Aglantzia, Strovolos and Latsia, Athalassa National Forest Park is one of the best choices for local and foreign visitors who love being close to nature.

Location: Nicosia (Athalassa), Cyprus.

National Forest Park of Athalassa

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is originally from South Africa and has become the Cypriots and tourists favorite seafood and sushi restaurant!

If you are searching for an amazing food quality, value for money prices, pleasant environment and warm atmosphere.. then it’s a must to visit Ocean Basket in Nicosia.

You will be charmed by the friendliness of the staff and amazed by the variety of seafood and sushi platters and the excellent wines, cocktails and desserts at great prices.

Ocean Basket restaurant in Nicosia is large and spacious and you can enjoy your meal sitting inside or outside.

Ocean Basket is for all da family! Come on in and have a whale of a time!

Location: 18 Themistokli Dervi, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Telephone: (+357) 22 673 777.

Ocean Basket

T.G.I Fridays

What's the Recipe for the Perfect Escape? Fun... Food... and Friday's!

Every dish is prepared using the finest ingredients, The moment you place your order expect it shortly to arrive hot at your table with the fanfare that has become the T.G.I Friday’s trademark. Of course, no meal is complete without a tantalizing dessert, typically in gigantic proportions. All of which goes a long way to ensure that at T.G.I. Friday’s...everyday is Friday!

Contact Details

T.G.I Fridays

Kath’ Odon

Kath’ Odon survived, strengthened and progressed throughout the years and is now here after 10 years stronger, filled with love, committment to tradition and quality that was always our aim. We continue always with respect to our customers!

Our promise for the future is to continue enriching our menu with forgotten traditional flavours that will take you on a journey leaving a sweet taste lingering in your mouth..

Location: End of Ledras Street, Nicosia, Cyprus‎

Telephone: +357 22 661 656.

Kath’ Odon

Chateau Status

Chateau Status, a restored building in the heart of Nicosia, is home to some for its finest lunch, dining, conference, outside catering and special event facilities in the city.

Location:Markou Drakou 12, Ledras, Nicosia, Cyprus.‎

Telephone: +357 77 77 11 67.

Chateau Status


Heraclis begins their day with breakfast. They open their doors to offer you a wonderful selection of the best reasons to get out of bed.

The clock ticks on and the temptation of a warm and satisfying lunch time menu offers a range of delicious deli sandwiches, top class burgers and a variety of well-prepared dishes. Night falls and the dinner menu is released to enjoy with friends and family to complement any night out.

Not forgetting their famous Ice Cream!

Location: Ledras 110, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Telephone: +357 22 664 198.


Costa Coffee

Want to find out more? How could you resist?

Our mission has always been to save the world from mediocre coffee. Back in 1971 most people thought this was a noble yet hopelessly unachievable task. But every cup of our Mocha Italia blend created since then has helped us in our quest.

Now we're the nation's favourite coffee shop, and yet another step closer to a world where bland, average coffee is consigned to history.

Shop 1: 12 Giannou Kranidioti, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 760 760.

Shop 2: 12 Andrea Zakou, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 668 826.

Shop 3: 14 Leoforos Arch. Makariou ΙΙΙ, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 460 046.

Shop 4: Stavrou Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 317 590.

Shop 5: 39 Ag. Nikolaou, Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 352 179.

Shop 6: 20 Leoforos Panepistimiou, Aglantzia, Cyprus. Telephone: +357 22 334 739.

Marks and Spencer

Sfinakia Lounge Bar

Recently renovated Sfinakia club is one of the most prestigious clubs in town, one of the hottest night spots, and a cool club/bar for many years now in Nicosia. Sfinakia club offers premium services with European standards. A very modern and extravagant clubbing perception that introduces a whole new way of entertainment.

Location: 1 Spyrou Kyprianou, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Telephone: +357 22 766 661.

Sfinakia Lounge Bar

Metro Supermarket

Because…..at METRO, we take care of you.

Metro supermarkets are indeed modern, yet with a certain subtlety, accompanied by a focus on the community and a solemn respect for the guests in their home away from home, their valued customers. They are relentlessly continuing to improve, to evolve and to offer you more, but most of all to listen to your needs.

Metro supermarkets' chain vows to strive on a daily basis, to make their country proud no matter what the cost.

Contact Details: 9 Thessalonikis Street, Platy Aglantzias, Nicosia. Tel.: 22 330 022.

Contact Details: 45 Aglantzias Avenue, Aglantzia, Nicosia. Tel.: 22 336 477.

Contact Details: 365 Spyroy Kyprianou Avenue, Strovolos, Nicosia. Tel.: 22 327 777.

Limassol Marina

P.M. Vision Express LTD Optical Center

Nicosia based optical center offers a large variety of eye glasses, frames and contact lenses. Visit the store and find the correct frame that suits your style, have your eyes tested and if you need new glasses or contact lenses this store will be there to satisfy your optical needs.

Pass by for a check-up or just browse in the store, you will always be welcomed by a friendly face.

Location: 239, Ledras Street, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Contact Details: Tel.: +357 22 673 404.

P.M. Vision Express LTD Optical Center

Prehistoric Treasures

Fossils Minerals Jewellery Carvings

Prehistoric Treasures which is established in Cyprus, has a unique collection of fossils, minerals, carvings, meteorites and other semi-precious stones. In this collection a lot of items are of museum quality. These items include different kinds of complete dinosaurs, dino heads and other dino items.

Location: Stavrou Avenue 96, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Telephone: +357 22 441 250.

Prehistoric Treasures

Tim Jeweller

Experienced craftsman, Timothy, creates beautifully designed jewellery. As he is a graduate of Le Arti Orafe (based in Florence) he has knowledge of different cultures and has successfully created his own unique designs which are perfect for gifts such as wedding rings and bands or just as a gift for a special occasion. Either way this is a shop that must be visited if you are visiting Cyprus.

Telephone: +357 22 327 142.

Location Shop: 7c Makariou III Av., Kato Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Tim Jeweller

Cosmea Gardens

A family owned company, with over 30 years of experience in the flower business. Located in Larnaca, and dedicated on flower arrangements, bouquets, and indoor/outdoor plants for all tastes.

Entirely customer-centric philosophy, with a mission to fulfill our clients’ needs no matter what. We take pride in our commitment and we are expanding our business to the World Wide Web to better serve our customers!

Telephone: (+357) 24 638 777.

Location: 5 Giannou Kranidioti, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Cosmea Gardens

O Podilatis

Are you looking for a bicycle? Then stop looking!

Visit this bicycle store and choose from a variety of different colours, styles and frames for your bicycle. Find the perfect ride for you!

Location: Vasilikon 2, Pera Chorio - Nisou, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Telephone: +357 22 526 346.

O Podilatis

Golden Gallery by Kapatays

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso.

One of the greatest painters to date said the above quote and we stick to this quote. With art, the soul is kept clear of dust and with a clear mind and soul then your everyday life becomes clearer and more enjoyable!

Visit the golden gallery and experience breath-taking paintings that could change your life.

Location: 8 Mnasiadou Str., Nicosia, Cyprus.

Contact Details: Tel.: +357 22 665 727 | Fax: +357 22 376 269.

Golden Gallery by Kapatays


Semeli Hotel is strategically located only a few minutes away from all the major points of interest in Nicosia.

Its classic style creates an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, while offering comfort and pleasure at the same time. The 5 floor hotel offers 58 elegant, spacious rooms, including 50 double rooms, 6 deluxe rooms and 2 suites.

Contact Details: Tel.: +357 22 452 121.

Location: 10 Petraki Giallourou Street, Nicosia, Cyprus.


Semeli Hotel

Themis House

Themis House is made up of 10 rooms with an amazing view of the Troodos Mountains.

Swim around in the pool with a view of the mountains and sunbathe while breathing in fresh mountain air!

Themis House is definitely the place to visit if you want a relaxing atmosphere with a clear air and a beautiful view of mountains!

Contact Details: Tel. : +357 25 462 525.

Location: Lemithou, Troodos Mountain, Cyprus

Themis House

Vilanos Real Estate Agents LTD

Nobody knows Real Estate like us!

Founded in 1969 by Mr. Chrysanthos Petrou in Limassol, Vilanos Real Estate Agents Ltd is an established but also dynamic and growing company in the real estate sector with a commitment to provide outstanding services in the real estate segment.

For the last 45 years we stand out due to the excellent relationships of trust we build with our clients, our dedication to hard work and the quality of our achievements. With confidence and reliability we offer our services to local and foreign buyers always providing excellent locations in attractive prices on the beautiful island of Aphrodite.

Telephone: 00357 25 771 188. Fax: 00357 25 773 366.

Skype: Vilanos Agents

Location: 275 Agias Phylaxeos, 3116 Agia Phyla, P.O.Box 56583,3308, Limassol.


Idea Home Finder

IDEA Holiday & Home Finder Ltd is a long established firm of experienced property consultants dedicated to provide clients with a complete start-to-end solution from initial property search for Cyprus property (residential, commercial, investment) to project completion.

It also offers independent legal and tax consultancy and a full range of the pre and after sales services.

Location: 2 Christodoulou Sozou Street, Eiffel Tower (3rd floor), Nicosia, Cyprus.

Contact Details:Tel.: +357 22 669 484 | Fax: +357 22 665 299.

Idea Home Finder

Hair and Beauty Salon by Savvas

Hair and Beauty Salon by Savvas is a unique hair salon every local visits! The atmosphere is friendly, the climate is perfect and the service is exceptional! With all major brands of hair materials by L’Oreal, Kerastase, Orly, Paul Mitchell and many more. You will always leave this hair salon feeling better with yourselves! If you are in the area and are in need of a hair makeover then be sure to pop into this hair salon.

Location: Archaggelou 49, Parissinos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Contact Details: Tel.: +357 22 570 700.

Hair and Beauty Salon by Savvas


The fifty years since the establishment of Cyta has been a journey into the future. A non-stop journey into the development of telecommunications in each passing era and in times to come.

Today, 50 years on, they are the proud providers of integrated electronic communications. Mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and interactive television are all available to their customers.

They are well aware that new developments in telecommunications are neverending… so imagine tomorrow with them too.

Location: See Map.

Contact Details:

Cyta Telecommunications

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