Travel Safely in Cyprus

According to a survey conducted by the Forbes magazine, Cyprus is ranked in the top 10 countries with a low crime rate. The reason behind this is because of the religion of the locals and because of the Cypriot mentality. So while visiting Cyprus do not worry as much about your safety and enjoy your stay!

Police Drive Salefy
Cypriot and Proud

Drive Freely

Cypriot driving regulations (driving on the left side of the road) are similar to those in the UK, Japan and Singapore. Short-term visitors and tourists can drive using their own driving license. Most roads have recently been reconstructed and have two or more lanes. There are of course cycling lanes and pavements either side of the roads.

Cycling Lane
Highway System in Cyprus

Professional Road System

Driving around in Cyprus is considered to be the best way to travel and because of the new highway system you can reach any town with ease. There are of course road signs in every location to help you reach your destination successfully.

Highway System in Cyprus

The Cypriot Bus System

The Cypriot bus system is owned by a various number of companies in different Towns of Cyprus.

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